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Malta Relocation Services

Relocating means a new start.  Not all new starts need to be painful.  Our professional Malta Relocation Services team is experienced in facilitating expatriates' move to Malta and looks forward to assisting you take the plunge.

You may be taking up Malta Residence, setting up a business presence in Malta under the various incentive schemes available to manufacturing or International Companies, or taking up employment.  Whichever the case, the complexities of moving residence or business overseas are not only legal but logistical.  While our lawyers deal with the legalities, we can assist you with the important trivialities of sorting oneself out in a new country of residence.  Our Malta  relocation services are available in all inclusive packages or in customised packages according to your relocation requirements.

Our Malta Relocation Services

For more detailed information on our Malta Relocation Services, please contact our Private Clients Unit.



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