Property in Malta

We assist clients with all their property requirements in Malta, from offering a company registered address, through lease or investment of commercial and residential real estate.  

Commercial requirements 

Every company in Malta needs a registered address, which we are happy to offer. The occasional use of a boardroom for meetings may also be arranged. Those businesses that have people on the ground may wish to find a shared desk space offering all office facilities with a minimum of hassle, whilst others may grow to the point where they need to seek their own premises. 

Commercial Premises in Malta 

All manner of commercial property may be found in Malta to lease or to buy, from offices to high street shops, warehouses, restaurants and hotels. Our specialist property arm advises clients on the entire process of property search and selection from a renting a small apartment to a mixed-use tower development. Meanwhile our legal team are on hand to advise and represent buyers and sellers alike on the fine details of property ownership and transfer in Malta.  

Investment Property 

Real Estate in Malta represents a sound investment, with consistent property appreciation values in excess of 5% per year for the last decade. The local immoveable property market has proved extremely resilient, even during financial crises, property values have held steady but did not witness the drops seen elsewhere in the world or within the EU. Our dedicated property consultants work with investors on one side, and with developers on the other, and are always able to propose projects with attractive returns. 

Residential Property to buy or lease 

Over the years, many of our clients have fallen in love with the charms of Malta and from using the island as a business base, found themselves relocating to the island with family. Others have found it necessary to send over to Malta key staff members to handle sensitive projects or to kickstart a venture through Malta.  

Residential property in Malta runs the range from modern apartments in cosmopolitan towns to rustic properties hundreds of years old in quieter villages. One may choose to live on the seafront, although nowhere in Malta is more than 10 kilometres from the sea. 

Mediterranean Lifestyle 

Malta enjoys the political outlook of a European Union Member State, as well as the lifestyle of a Mediterranean country. With almost 300 days of sunshine, Malta offers multiple options for indoor as well as outdoor entertainment, including beach bars, music festivals, outdoor restaurants and the like. The typical Mediterranean climate allows for social gatherings and outdoor dining all year round, whilst trips to the beach and country walks characterise the lifestyle of the Maltese. The restaurants serve typical Mediterranean food using the best of the local produce as well as international cuisine options. 

Malta – safe and family friendly 

Being ranked amongst the top safest locations in the world, Malta is considered as an ideal location for families. The Maltese archipelago also enjoys an internationally acclaimed education system with both public and private schooling options. Malta is home to various international academic institutions including Barts, the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, as well as the American University of Malta. The healthcare sector in Malta is highly developed and offers the highest standards. Malta boasts of a top-of- the range hospital and comprehensive free healthcare system. The sector is expected to continue evolving as the Maltese Government envisages a hub for further investment in the field of higher education, e-education and health tourism.