Corporate Bank Account Malta

The world of banking and payments has become increasingly complex as regulation increases, and new providers are offering innovative solutions that are extremely user friendly. With our long-standing collaboration with local and international banks we are able to assist at every step of the way whatever your requirements.

Corporate Bank Account Opening in Malta

You set up your Malta company, the next question is the bank account. You need to seek a bank that matches the company’s profile, activities, and the jurisdictions it will work with since all banks have a different risk appetite. The banking options for a Malta Company include a traditional bank account with a local or foreign bank, or digital banks licenced as electronic money institutions. Traditional banks tend to require strong links with Malta such as your own office or dedicated workspace, employees in Malta as well as local directorship, all of which we can assist with.

Corporate Bank Account Opening in Malta and the EU

Accounts with a local bank or indeed any bank in the European Union should benefit from the limited protection offered through the depositor compensation scheme. By contrast EMIs working with electronic money do not fall within the scope of the same scheme. EMIs tend to offer advanced technological features that traditional banks normally struggle to offer. Digital banks have become extremely popular in recent years in particular with start-ups that do not have a bank account track record to present.

We can guide you to choose a bank with a close match to your company profile and handhold you through the application process. Our service is one of assistance and we cannot guarantee the final response of the bank or financial institution, however our experience and good collaboration with banking firms gives us a very good success rate.

E-commerce & Payment Solutions

Our experience with online companies and e-commerce platforms including gaming companies has permitted us to develop a wide network of providers of international merchant account and payment processing systems. As with any company, the starting point is finding a comfortable match between your company profile and services offered and industry and the risk appetite of the payment partner.

Through our collaborators we are able to offer leading payment processing solutions that integrate seamlessly with any website, offer real time payment, and allow you to hit the ground running once you get started.

We assist with local and international clients in a wide range of industries including any form of online purchase be it one off or via subscription, and all currencies may be supported. The range of services offered increases every day as operators identify niches within which their technology may offer optimal value. Our role is to help you makes sense of the alternatives and guide you through the process to avoid delays.

Investment Services Firms 

Corporate clients sometimes seek to improve their cash management by identifying a safe port to hold reserves. We are able to assist here thanks to our excellent relationships with a range of strategic local and international partners who are licenced to advise on suitable investments. Please note that this is simply a referral as we are not licenced to provide financial advice ourselves.

Malta Corporate Bank Account Opening: Our services

  • Helping you to complete the Bank application pack, including:
  • Company profile suitable for acceptance by the Bank/EMI
  • We liaise directly with you, our client and the bank to offer you a streamlined process
  • We keep you constantly informed of progress on the application process
  • We follow up with the bank / financial institution to expedite the account opening process
  • Working with you, we collate all the documents and information required by the bank/EMI
  • We are available to attend meetings at the bank on your behalf ,no need for you to visit Malta
  • After account opening we may continue to offer professional support and assistance with your bank relationship

How INTERSERV can Help You

Your dedicated corporate account manager is on hand to use their banking knowledge and experience and our strong relationships with banks and will keep you promptly updated on the progress of the application. Our banking specialists have experience working with local and international banks and are qualified in the banking industry. Our professionals are reliable, efficient, and motivated to help you complete your banking matters without delay.

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