United Kingdom Remote Gaming Licence

The United Kingdom (UK) is known as one of the top economic forces in the world, with a leading financial services industry. The UK gambling sector is one of the most developed in Europe, particularly in digital and online gambling.

The Gambling Commission is the regulator for the UK gambling sector, which is considered one of the most competitive and open markets, with reasonable costs to set up and run a UK remote gambling business. Operators holding a UK gambling licence enjoy access to a large player base and are permitted to advertise remote gambling facilities within the UK.

UK Gaming Licences

The type of operating licence that will be required to offer remote gambling services in the UK depends upon the type of gambling activity that the operator plans to make available. Operating licences that may be obtained include betting (standard, limited, intermediary and pool betting), bingo, casino, lotteries, gaming machines and gambling software.

A combination of different operating licences can also be applied for. Application and annual fees also depend on the type of operating licence.

Merchant and Processing Accounts

With i-Gaming deemed to be a high-risk activity by financial institutions all over the world, gaming operators frequently find issues in opening bank relations. Our experience in advising i-gaming businesses extends to assisting with the opening and maintenance of both merchant and processing accounts in multiple jurisdictions.

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