Curacao e-Gaming Licence

Curaçao is a Caribbean island, an autonomous country within the Netherlands Kingdom. Curaçao has flourished as a gambling hub, being one of the first jurisdictions to regulate remote gaming with e-gaming legislation back in 1993.

Curaçao offers a stable multiple gaming type approval system covering games of skill, chance and wagering. Through a system of master and sub-licences, Curaçao offers a very popular single licence covering all types of e-gaming services.

Curacao Gaming Licence

A Curacao e-gaming licence, also referred to as a “Master Licence”, is granted to individual private entities by the Ministry of Justice through a Ministerial decree.

The holder of a Master License is allowed to sub-licence its rights to run an e-gaming operation to other gambling service providers that operate strictly under the umbrella of the Master Licence.

This licensing regime has permitted several sub-licence operations to thrive. A wide range of game types operate under such sub-licences including betting, poker, casino, provision of software as well as white-labelling

Merchant and Processing Accounts

With i-Gaming deemed to be a high-risk activity by financial institutions all over the world, gaming operators frequently find issues in opening bank relations. Our experience in advising i-gaming businesses extends to assisting with the opening and maintenance of both merchant and processing accounts in multiple jurisdictions.

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