Malta Yacht Registration – Benefits of the Malta Yacht Registry

The age-old success of the Malta as a foremost maritime centre and ship register has been mirrored by a more recent success of the Malta Yacht Registry. The forward looking and efficient approach of the management of the Maltese Yacht Registry has made the Maltese Islands even more attractive to yacht owners and managers seeking security and efficiency in yacht registration and ownership, in addition to international tax efficiency.

Benefits of the Malta Yacht Registry:

  • Low vessel registration costs
  • Beneficial rate of tax on the income of the Malta company
  • Reduced VAT on Yacht Leasing
  • An effective mortgage system
  • No age limits for the registration of a yacht in Malta
  • No need to berth the yacht in Malta
  • Confidentiality on the beneficial ownership of the yacht
  • No restrictions on the nationality of the ship owner
  • No restrictions on the nationality of the master, officers and crew

Malta Yacht Registration Requirements

  • To register your yacht as a commercial vessel under the Malta flag, the following documentation is needed:
  • A Power of Attorney to register the yacht as a commercial vessel under the Malta Flag
  • An Application for registration (which we will provide)
  • Declaration of ownership made before the Registrar (which we will provide)
  • Builders certificate (if the yacht is new or has never been registered anywhere previously)
  • If the yacht is over 24m in load line length in terms of Art. 2(8) of the Load Line Convention, an International Tonnage Certificate (ITC 1969) and a Certificate of Survey will be required. (This may be provided by an approved Government Surveyor of Ships in Malta or by a recognized oganisation. If the yacht is under 24m in load line length, a certificate of survey (tonnage measurement) issued by an authorized surveyor will be necessary;
  • International Load Line Certificate will be required for vessels over 24m in load line length
  • A Certificate of Compliance to trade as a commercial yacht following a successful survey in accordance with the Maltese Commercial Yacht Code, 2006
  • Application for a Safe manning Certificate (which we can provide)
  • If over 300 GRT (issued by an authorized surveyor or class) a Radio Certificate will be required. Yachts under 300GRT will have to pass through a Radio inspection carried out by approved Radio Inspector
  • IOPP Certificate (issued by an authorized surveyor or class) will be required for a vsl over 400GRT
  • If vessel is in class, a copy of the Class Certificate will be required
  • A bill of sale (if applicable), evidencing the ownership of the yacht