Malta Citizenship

Initiated in 2013 and last amended by the Maltese Individual Investor Programme Regulations, 2014, Malta Citizenship provides a nationality in a safe, economically sound and politically stable state within the European Union, with all the benefits of European nationality for life for all the members of the family.  And this in addition to the various opportunities presented by the Maltese legal framework for tax optimisation for international entrepreneurs and business families.

Our Private Clients Advisers have assisted a considerable number high net worth individuals and families obtain Malta citizenship seeking a sunny European residence base with a truly European culture and safe way of life.

Life-style Benefits of Malta Citizenship

  • A pleasant climate and a hospitable English-speaking people.
  • A peaceful and safe way of life & high standard of living.
  • A rich cultural and historical heritage.
  • Freedom of movement into & out of the European Union.
  • Easy repatriation of capital & income out of Malta.
  • Excellent banking centre with the presence of major international banks
  • Excellent access by Sea and the Malta International Airport

Tax Benefits of Malta Citizenship by Investment

  • Tax only on income received in Malta;
  • No tax payable on a world-wide income not received in Malta.
  • Favourable, tax-friendly procedure for moving your possessions to Malta.
  • No property / land taxes imposed in Malta.
  • No death duties payable in Malta.
  • A highly respected jurisdiction for incorporating low-tax companies
  • Favourable double-taxation agreements with key countries.

Conditions for Maltese Citizenship by Investment

  • Integrity, a clean criminal record and clean bill of health.
  • A contribution of Euro650,000 to the Malta Social & Development Fund
  • Acquisition of Property to be kept for min. 5 yrs at min. Eur350,000 or
  • 5 year Rental of property in Malta at Eur16,000 per year;
  • Investment in approved bonds at Eur150,000
  • Due Diligence & Application Fee.

Applying for Malta Citizenship

  • The Maltese Government receives applications directly via Approved Agents and Accredited Persons and thereafter handles the full process for the approval of Malta Citizenship by Investment.
  • As the first accredited person licence ref. IIP001, our managing partner is able to fully assist candidates with all aspects of a Malta Citizenship application, including pre-immigration estate and tax planning, due diligence of property and in all the requirements of the IIP.

Our Service

  • All-round professional assistance by a person accredited y Identity Malta
  • Professional assistance with the Immigration process including handling of residence application;
  • Assistance with personal tax registration and tax compliance in Malta;
  • Location of residential property on sale or for rental in Malta;
  • Legal assistance with property acquisition/rental;
  • Private Banking and mortgage assistance;
  • The services of our Notary Public;
  • Tax planning advice.
  • Other relocation assistance.

For more detailed information, please contact our Private Clients Unit.