Malta Fiduciary Services

There are times when, for reasons of security or strategy, it’s advisable to set up a trust.  Through Claris Trustees, our licensed fiduciary services & trust company, we provide specialised trustee and fiduciary services including the following trusteeships:

  • Transfer and management of third-party property
  • Holding and administration of bonds, patents and other certificates
  • Safekeeping of company shares
  • Shareholder representation
  • Management of the trust
  • Safeguarding of company documents
  • Trust services in connection with investment transactions
  • Trusteeships for the transfer and monitoring of financial resources

We provide you with the highest level of protection and security.

Fiduciary Services in Asset Management

Asset management and trust transactions should be handled in complete confidence.  Our mission is to provide you with security and the necessary tax and legal framework to structure your assets to your best advantage.   Conservative and at the same time innovative, our counsel is tailored to your needs.  Asset structuring involves the setting up of legal entities and the transfer of assets of all kinds to those legal entities, with the aim of keeping private and structured assets separate. The main advantages of this kind of structuring are estate planning, asset protection, mobility/flexibility and confidentiality.

Fiduciary Services in Estate Planning & Management

Have you given enough thought to the future of your business after you retire? The process of transferring ownership to the next generation is a complex task requiring timely, long-term, strategic and systematic planning.  Mistakes made in the planning of ownership transfer can destroy the family assets and ruin the future of the company.   The successful transfer to the next generation means stability and continuity for the business, the estate and the family.

Our tax advisors, in close collaboration with the trustees and lawyers at Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates, can advise you in all financial, legal and tax aspects of your succession planning and estate management to ensure a problem free, discrete and tax efficient solution.

Whether your business is a partnership or a limited liability company, we will work together with you to find a solution for a secure, tax-friendly transfer of ownership, while taking into consideration and integrating the various international regulations governing inheritance, gift-giving and asset transfer.

Trust Management

It may be advisable to hold the shares of an offshore company by a trust to achieve higher levels of tax efficiency. This can result in very substantial tax and non-tax related advantages which will accrue both on death and during the lifetime of the “settlor” of the trust, for instance.