Malta Company Name Search

Inter-Serv provides comprehensive company search services for Malta registered companies, including company search, company research, providing copies of official company documents and company filings with the Registry of Companies, company business profile, searches in the Company Registry and financial and legal due diligence research.

Our search services can assist in providing you with documentary evidence of the true existence of any particular company in the form of a company search report or of an official copy of company documents.

We endeavour to provide the most up to date information, normally within 3-4 working days or with an urgency 24 hour search service. You may order either a Name Search, Profile Report or Full Copy of all historical company documents held by the local registry for any registered company.

Company Info & Search Reports

Profile Report
Basic Details of the company confirming its existence and listing company information such as incorporation date, registered office, company number, status etc.

Name Search
Confirmation that the company name exists.

Full Copy
A complete copy of all historical corporate documents that are available on the company which can be certified if so requested
(where this is possible)

CCAIS works in close collaboration with the lawyers of Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates, in providing legal & financial due diligence services.