Malta Company Bank Accounts

Maltese companies may hold bank accounts in Malta or elsewhere. We enjoy very healthy banking relationships with the main banks in Malta, including major international banks.  Cheque books and credit / debit cards are availability in a wide choice of currencies.  Resident and non-resident bank accounts are available with comprehensive telephone, internet and mobile banking facilities.

As intermediaries to the leading banks in Malta, we can introduce you to any Maltese bank and provide assistance with the opening of resident and non-resident offshore bank accounts in Malta. 

Maltese Banks

The larger banks in Malta provide online banking services as well as conventional telephone support in a regulated and service-oriented banking and financial services environment.  The banking system follows the UK’s established banking tradition and Malta boasts of banks that trace their historical origins to the beginning of banking in Europe.  Banking law and regulation is in line with all European Union directives and banking personnel in Malta follow disciplined and market-oriented service charters.

Benefits of banking in Malta

Generally, bank accounts in Malta enjoy the following facilities:

  • A choice of term, savings or current accounts;
  • Favourable interest rates;
  • Cheque book facility;
  • Credit card facilities in various currencies;
  • No tax or withholding tax on interests paid to non-resident account holders;
  • No exchange control regulations;
  • Bank accounts can be opened in all currencies.

Our service

Using our knowledge of the local financial and banking environment, we can advise individuals or companies on the most appropriate bank according to the client’s profile and requirements.  As intermediaries to Maltese banks, we can assist with the preparation of due diligence documentation to facilitate client acceptance by the bank. We also assist with the preparation of bank account opening forms and documentation to expedite the opening of bank accounts and activation of internet banking access.

Our bank account opening service includes the following:

  • advice re choice of bank in Malta introduction to a bank of your choice
  • advice re due diligence documentation for client acceptance
  • opening of normal or offshore bank account in any denomination
  • applications for cheque books
  • applications for credit card facilities
  • applications for online banking facilities

Optional services:

  • bank account management
  • bank reconciliations and accounting
  • office address facilities
  • mail forwarding of all bank correspondence to your address of choice.

International Banks

We are also establishing contacts with an array of international banks to complement our service offering in relation to Maltese bank accounts. Should you wish we may also establish contact with the bank of your choice outside of Malta to establish banking relations for your company.