Company Redomiciliation to Malta

Our Corporate Services Team assists EU and non-EU enterprises seeking to take advantage of Malta as a tax-efficient European business base.

Changes to the law of Malta have introduced the concept of redomiciliation of foreign companies to Malta. In terms of the new amendments to the Companies Act, companies that are incorporated outside of Malta may change their domicile to Malta under certain terms and conditions. Foreign companies that wish to register in Malta do not need to wind-up their foreign business and re-incorporate in Malta, but can instead move their domicile to Malta while the former company set-up remains in existence.

Transfer of Company Domicile to Malta

  • Foreign companies can register in Malta without winding-up their foreign business
  • No need for re-incorporation in Malta
  • Transfer of domicile to Malta while the old company set-up remains in existence

Types of Malta Companies

  • Malta Trading Companies
  • Malta Holding Companies
  • Malta Betting / Gaming Companies
  • Malta Shipping Companies
  • Malta Financial Services Companies
  • Foreign Companies redomiciled in Malta

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